My point is there a looming feeling that black athletes are

16 points submitted 2 days agoI am annoyed when Koreans get upset for being mistaken for Chinese. How some even say it racist. It Koreans racism thinking Koreans are superior to Chinese. They live for the hunt. They are the hunt. So why would they ever chose to not complete a hunt, and actively seek to prevent it? If a person isn in danger of dying, they will never appear, and it goes against their nature to prevent someone from dying.

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canada goose black friday sale When he gets angry, you see all of it. When he gets smug, you see every canada goose outlet phone number step of that grin, etc.My point is there a looming feeling that black athletes are just divas with little sportsmanship that nobody questions about white athletes, and if you want to cherry pick parts of Newton act to fit that narrative, you easily can. It not a hardcore, intentionally racist idea, but a casually racist double standard that people don think hard about, so to speak.I say that as a diehard Panthers fan and nearly a “Cam Stan.” I love the guy, but he ain exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. canada goose black friday sale

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