The company had its branch office in UK and deputed employees

Pakistan used a complex web of couriers, banks and even diplomatic courier to flood the Indian market with fake currency. “Pakistan realised it could not destabilise an economy India’s size but it used fake currency to fund terror in Jammu and Kashmir and Indian Mujahideen modules in several parts of the country including Maharashtra and Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Bengal and Bihar. Money was routed through Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai, Thailand and recently even parts of China.

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canada goose clearance A recent ruling of the Andhra Pradesh High Court has held that boarding and lodging allowances paid to employees deputed abroad for meeting personal expenses is taxable as a perquisite and the employer is liable to deduct tax. The company had its branch office in UK and deputed employees to its branch office. The employees continued to receive salary in India and, in addition, boarding and lodging allowances were paid in the UK. canada goose clearance

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canadian goose jacket In few cases, the employer paid the outstanding ‘lump sum’ allowances after employee’s return canada goose coats on sale to India without obtaining any details of the expenditure incurred. In the Karnataka HC ruling a daily per diem was paid to cover actual expenses of meals, travel, laundry and other miscellaneous expenses. In the said ruling, relying on the circulars issued in canada goose black friday sale the context of government employees and Canada Goose Parka other favourable tribunal rulings, the HC held that the per diem paid was reasonable and the employer was not required to maintain supporting.. canadian goose jacket

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