Perhaps this is because Lewis remembered something often

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Nevada joins Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska in rejecting marijuana prohibition and legalizing the sale of weed for recreational purposes. A total of eight states along with the District of Columbia, which does not allow sales have already enacted laws to legalize, regulate and tax recreational marijuana. Licensed dispensaries are expected to open for business next year in California, Maine and Massachusetts..

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“Think of it as the “Downton Abbey” of bondage

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Canada Goose Online Dorms housed students and travelers and gave access to the library at all times. The fate of the library was not a happy one. In 1099 Crusaders began to attack the city. The largest assessment task is a literature review, and this is broken into four smaller iterative tasks in order to foreground the role of feedback information in improving work. The educator in charge purposefully named these smaller tasks 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D to cheap canada goose reinforce the importance of feedback comments in building quality over a series of iterations. This iterative design aims to demonstrate to learners the value of feedback in producing better work, by making the implementation of feedback in subsequent tasks visible to the canada goose outlet mall learner. Canada Goose Online

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I hope that eventually guys can be given more room in terms of

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Handbags Replica But larger than my dislike of Empire Christianity is the observation that it is impotent in being a force to destroy white supremacy. This Christianity is not of God or from God; it is of human beings many of whom happen to be wealthy, white and male, and who will do anything and everything to protect their power. This Empire Christianity is not about building community, but is about dividing and conquering people for its own purposes Handbags Replica.

It’s no accident that Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were on

We had the basics roti, kapada and makaan; decent access to education and very good social high quality replica handbags relations. It was a buy replica bags online happy best replica bags online life. Says, as good quality replica bags a country, India has lost some of the values that people used to cherish in the post Independence days. Then Barton defaults to what is becoming a familiar line of criticism, that Facebook privacy controls are too complicated. Actually use Facebook. I know if you take your time you can go to your privacy and click on that.

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Handbags Replica Having said all that, there’s now something brand new to consider. You should also know that you can sell that investment property and invest the capital gains in a Qualified Opportunity Fund. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that passed on Dec. One surgeon recalled “It is purely a matter of their instinct, which is far more effective than man’s reasoning powers.”One notable dog belonging to the French army, Prusco, was credited with saving over a bag replica high quality hundred men after one battle. Sometimes Prusco would drag a soldier to a safe place from enemy fire before running back to his handler.Red Cross dogs were true heroes during WWI and will always be remembered for their bravery, intelligence and kind hearts. “The sky blue uniforms (the blue here is slightly too bright) were intended to merge with the skyline when moving, and they did actually work to a degree.The trick is that the uniforms work when someone is cresting a hill or is moving along flat land towards you. Handbags Replica

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The government has failed in the battle against drugs

replica hermes belt uk And sites that can’t post sex workers’ ads without fear of being sued probably won’t post them at all.When websites are shut down, the sex trade is pushed underground and sex trafficking victims are forced into even more dangerous circumstances.Jean Burggeman, Freedom Network USAAnd pushing sex work related ads offline will leave sex trafficking victims even worse off than they are now, said Jean Bruggeman, executive director of Freedom Network USA, an advocacy group that supports victims of human trafficking. Ads for sex work that appear online are easier to monitor and track than ones that appear elsewhere, Bruggeman noted. Without an online platform, sex traffickers and their victims will be more difficult to track down; having a digital footprint is actually helpful when it comes to finding and rescuing victims.”When websites are shut down, the sex trade is pushed underground and sex trafficking victims are forced into even more dangerous circumstances,” Bruggeman said. replica hermes belt uk

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She spoke with the head of her child’s school but was let down

Making Indian headdresses in school is a terrible way to teach kids about Thanksgiving

canada goose black friday sale November 20 at 6:00 AM canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Coats On Sale My heart sank the minute I saw the construction paper “Native American headband” in my son’s preschool cubby. Right away, I knew I’d have to say something about how offensive this was but how to start this awkward but important conversation? Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose Outlet This month, myriad lessons about Native Americans are being taught across the country. Why now? Because this is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving and one of the few times of year when non Native Americans think much at all about our indigenous population. It’s often under the guise of teaching canada goose outlet history, as though Native Americans existed only to help pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving. Canada Goose Outlet

[Telling our daughter why hate came to our town]

canada goose factory sale We live in a pretty progressive town. We have legal cannabis, a large LGBTQ+ population and more left leaning political actions than anywhere else I’ve lived. I’d also never experienced this sort of problem at my son’s school. So when my son’s teachers sent over their lesson plan on Native American culture, I failed to look at what their crafts projects would entail. I Canada Goose sale simply assumed the lessons would be inclusive and culturally aware. canada goose factory sale

Yet here I was, holding this DIY and insensitive as heck headband, wondering what to do next. My son excitedly snatched it out of my hand and put it on. As he ran down the sidewalk, I hurried behind, struggling to find language that would explain to him, a 4 year old, just how offensive this object was.

“This type of item belongs to certain groups of Native American people,” I began, taking the headband canada goose coats off his head.

canada goose clearance “They have special meaning and significance, and we want to be respectful, so that’s why it’s not okay for us to wear these. Do you have any questions?” canada goose clearance

He didn’t, but it made me realize how much more I need to prepare for such moments. How do you explain the horrific treatment of indigenous people at the hands of white European colonialists? canada goose clearance How do you explain that it’s insensitive and offensive for a room full of mostly white folks (he may be the only student of color, as I am Latina and his father is white) to canadian goose jacket “wear” someone else’s culture, good intentions be damned?

cheap canada goose uk Like most moms raised in the digital age do, I took to the Internet, posting a Facebook call out for advice. cheap canada goose uk

“Headdresses are given to warriors and chiefs. To have children make a headdress ignores this sacred meaning,” Hawksworth wrote. “It’d be like having them make their own Victoria Crosses. It’s the same as war medals, and to be honest, it’s disrespectful to our people.”

Misko Beaudrie, an Ojibwe mother, had the same canada goose clearance sale struggle at her child’s school, walking into her son’s class and seeing construction paper Native American heads with headbands hung on the wall with students’ names on them. She later saw a photo of students eating lunch while dressed up as Canada Goose online Indians. “As an indigenous family, it’s disturbing and upsetting to see your culture boiled down to stereotypical images of what it means to be Native American.. We are so much more diverse than that,” she wrote in an email.

uk canada goose outlet Beaudrie is a research affiliate for the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development and the Native Nations Institute. She spoke with the head of her child’s school but was let down by her response. The administrator agreed to end the use of headdresses but, she says, didn’t seem to comprehend the reasons behind her argument. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose clearance sale “Her response was one of exasperation: ‘Soon we won’t be able to do anything because people are offended,’ ” Beaudrie says. canada goose clearance sale

buy canada goose jacket But that buy canada goose jacket cheap isn’t true. There are plenty of ways to teach children about Native American culture without being offensive. Beaudrie offers alternatives: “I’d encourage schools to reach out to local tribal nations and invite canada goose them to present lessons on their culture and heritage.” She also recommends teaching lessons on native cultures at a time other than Thanksgiving. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose sale Educator Canada Goose Parka Lindsey Passenger Wieck also recently put together a phenomenal resource on Medium for anyone looking to combat the racism that is entrenched in lessons about Thanksgiving and native people. Canada Goose sale

canada goose uk shop Armed with more information about decolonizing lessons on native cultures, I sent an email to my son’s school about why their craft project was buy canada goose jacket so problematic. The response was less than thrilling: The headbands were a way for teachers to interest the kids in the unit by “making it fun.” canada goose uk shop

And this is exactly why I am calling out appropriation. To me, and to individuals who have ties to the Native American community, making headbands and headdresses just because kids think it’s “fun” is not a valid excuse.

Canada Goose Parka As parents, we should all be angry when our schools fail to educate our children in a respectful manner. It doesn’t just end in my son’s classroom. Hours after I sent out a response reiterating just how offensive this “lesson” was, I happened upon a Facebook post featuring a teacher’s flier asking for students to create “Native American canada goose deals names” for themselves. Moments after that, a friend cheap Canada Goose posted about how horrified she was that her daughter’s preschool classroom was singing the “Ten Little Indians” song for their Thanksgiving party, including canada goose store overtly racist lines about them “shooting Canada Goose Outlet arrows.” Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Jackets It shouldn’t lie on the shoulders of marginalized individuals to do this hard work. Parents and educators must be mindful in how we teach lessons on native cultures. And we need to remind our teachers and other school staff that they need to be mindful. Because while it may just be a “lesson” to some kids, it’s another’s way of life. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose uk black friday “Our culture and ceremonies run deep and proud. They are sacred, and our ancestors died to protect our rights to celebrate them,” Beaudrie says. canada goose uk black friday

canadian goose jacket I haven’t given up hope that my son’s school will do better. One of his teachers apologized profusely at pickup a few days later. canadian goose jacket

But I know the years of calling things out are only just beginning. My son starts kindergarten next year, with a whole new set of teachers and administrators and, of course, challenges. All I can do is keep trying Canada Goose Jackets and hope that someday all of us are heard. Connect with her at on Instagram Follow On Parenting on Facebook for more essays, news and updates. You can sign up here for our weekly newsletter.

The girl said that she managed to escape when the accused man

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The gender scan made me feel more prepared for motherhood

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Most of this fall Canada Goose Parka in Irish share prices has

UK deal is best hope of Irish shares recovering from a Brexit battering

Canada Goose online On January 23 of this year Irish share prices, as measured by the Irish Stock canada goose coats Exchange’s Iseq Overall Index, hit a post crash high. Unfortunately, that was as good as it got. Since then the Iseq Overall has fallen by more than 18pc, with billions wiped off the value of companies. Most of this fall Canada Goose Parka in Irish share prices has occurred over the past three months with the Iseq Overall down by 12.5pc over the past three months. Canada Goose online

So why, with the fastest growing economy in Europe, have investors turned sour on shares in Irish companies?

buy canada goose jacket Part of the explanation lies in what is happening in global equity markets. In the US, the main market index the S 500 and the tech heavy Nasdaq index have both tumbled over the past three months. buy canada goose jacket

It has been a similar story on this side of the Atlantic with the main London index, the FTSE 100, and the Euro Stoxx 50 Index of the 50 leading eurozone shares also well down in recent months.

cheap Canada Goose So that’s all right then, the fall in Irish share prices is merely a reflection of what has been happening elsewhere. Not quite. cheap Canada Goose

cheap canada goose uk Despite a very mature global economic recovery, the prospect of eurozone interest rate increases from the ECB next year, Brexit in the UK and the ever present risk that the Trump canada goose black friday sale administration’s belligerent trade policies will trigger a global trade war, British, eurozone and American share prices have fallen by significantly less than those of their Irish counterparts. cheap canada goose uk

In the UK, the FTSE 100 has shed just over 8pc of its value over the past three months while the Euro Stoxx 50 index is down by just under 9pc over the same period. Across the Atlantic the S 500 is down 6.8pc since August while even the battered Nasdaq is down by ‘only’ 10.8pc.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale So clearly, with Irish share prices down by 12.5pc, not all of the blame for the price falls can be laid at the door of falling international markets. Clearly at least some canada goose clearance of the fault lies with uniquely Irish factors. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose factory sale When one looks more closely at what is happening in the Irish market an even more interesting picture emerges. The Irish Stock Exchange’s Iseq canadian goose jacket General index, which excludes financial shares, has fallen by just over 11pc over the past three canada goose store months. While this is somewhat more than the fall in either buy canada goose jacket the FTSE 100 or the Euro Stoxx 50, it is not hugely out of line with what has happened in other markets. canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose sale In a small market such as the Irish Stock Exchange, the movement of the index can be skewed, up or down, by a handful of large stocks. This is what seems to have happened over the past three months with CRH, the Canada Goose sale most valuable company on the Dublin market, having lost 17pc of its value over the past three months. Canada Goose sale

Another major Irish quoted company whose shares have fallen by more than the index average is Smurfit Kappa, whose board rejected a 37.54 a share bid from International Paper last June on the grounds that it was “significantly below the board’s assessment of the group’s true intrinsic worth and prospects and remains significantly below the valuations set by recent industry transactions”.

That may very well be the Canada Goose Jackets case, but Smurfit Kappa shares were trading at just 24.08 last week, 36pc down on the price International Paper was proposing to pay.

uk canada goose Shares in Ryanair, perhaps the large Irish quoted company most exposed to Brexit, with almost a quarter of its sales coming from the UK, have fallen by almost 12pc over the past three months and by a massive 29pc since January. uk canada goose

Canada Goose Parka By comparison, both of the major quoted food companies, Glanbia cheap Canada Goose and Kerry, have comfortably outperformed the index, with Glanbia up by 12pc and Kerry by 5pc since August. Canada Goose Parka

It helps that both of these companies have diversified away from their Irish roots with almost three quarters of Glanbia’s sales coming from the United States while 55pc of Kerry’s sales are generated in the Americas and Asia Pacific.

uk canada goose outlet It’s a very different story with financial shares. The Iseq Financial index is down by 30pc from its January 26th peak and by 20pc over the past three months. Both of the main banks, the main components in Iseq Financial, have taken a hammering this year. The AIB share price peaked at 5.80 on January 29. By last week it was trading at just 3.75, a fall of 35pc. Most of this fall has occurred in the past three months, with the AIB share price down by 22pc since August. uk canada goose outlet

It’s a similar story at Bank Canada Goose Outlet of Ireland with the share price down 30pc from its January 26 peak of 8.15 to just 5.73 last week.

Once again, most of the fall in the Bank of Ireland canada goose outlet share price has taken place over the past three months, with the shares down 21pc over this period.

Likewise the other Irish owned bank, Permanent TSB, whose share canada goose coats on sale price has fallen by 15pc over the past three months.

So why have investors soured on the Irish banks? All three of them recently issued relatively positive trading statements, with both AIB and Bank of Ireland revealing that their net lending is likely to be up this year, the first increase in net lending at either institution since the 2008 crash.

canada goose uk outlet While matters weren’t helped by the decision of AIB’s chief executive Bernard Byrne and its chief financial officer Mark Bourke to announce their resignations within eight weeks of each other, investors main fear about the banks has been the possible impact of a hard Brexit on the Irish economy. canada goose uk outlet

Already there are also clear indications that this year’s lending growth will not be as strong as had previously been expected, while the most recent KBC Bank/ESRI consumer confidence index showed that consumer confidence had fallen to its lowest level for almost four years in October.

buy canada goose jacket cheap “Lending growth has slowed compared to expectations earlier in the year. The mortgage growth figures are not coming through as strongly as had been thought. Some of the banks are running up against the Central Bank’s income and loan limits,” says Irish Life Investment Managers economist Lenny McLoughlin. buy canada goose jacket cheap

The Irish banks have also found it extremely difficult to capture the benefits of extremely strong economic growth with the ESRI forecasting GDP growth of 8.9pc this year.

Even when the effect of so called ‘Leprechaun economics’ are filtered out, the ESRI is still pencilling a 2.9pc increase in private consumer expenditure and a 4pc increase in net current public expenditure for 2018.

canada goose Someone seems to have forgotten to tell the banks. “The Irish economy is booming, but the canada goose transmission of economic growth into revenue growth by the banks has been lacklustre,” says Jonathan Fearon, European equities manager with Aberdeen Standard Investments. It doesn’t help that, a decade on from the crash, all three quoted banks are still working their way through legacy non performing loans. canada goose

The good news here buy canada goose jacket cheap is that this process may finally be drawing to a close with AIB holding out the prospect that its NPL ratio will fall to a “normalised” 5pc by the end canada goose deals of 2019.

canada goose coats on sale It may come as little consolation to their shareholders, but the Irish banks are not alone. The Euro Stoxx index of eurozone bank shares, whose components include both AIB and Bank of Ireland, is down by almost a third from its late January high and by 11pc over the past three months. Not alone are many eurozone banks still labouring under the burden of legacy non performing loans, more than a decade of very low interest rates has wreaked havoc with their profitability. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose uk black friday In the aftermath of previous financial crises, banks were able to take in deposits from their depositors at very low interest rates and then lend them risk free to their governments at much higher rates by buying bonds canada goose uk black friday.