TTK in Blackout is much higher than in PUBG

30 points submitted 1 month agoHey there! Anton the one doing the vast majority of the work on H3VR all of RUST has sort of built up specific skillsets that compliment each other, though, so we all pitching in toward the game when and where we can; I done a bunch of 2D work for the game (almost all of the UI work, the posters and signs in game, etc.), I ate actual sticks of butter to get the sounds for WurstWurld butter sampler, I helped with a bunch of the world buildy and write y bits of various levels, and I made the game website and trailer :)When I not doing H3 stuff, I dabbling in my own game ideas, doing other web stuff, and helping with business y things where I can.JKleinMiddelink 3 points submitted 2 months agoIt goes down the line it starts on, but whenever it comes across a sideways line, it follows that instead. Sort of like the followingx x x S (Spider)x x x xx x x xx x x xA B C DThe spider will follow the line until the third star and go left, one down, left and down again, to stop at B.So it will continue downward, unless it finds a branched path. You can predict where spider will land based on this pattern.

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