It is also important to point out that initially more patients

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canada goose black friday sale While we acknowledged the concern raised by Cuatrecasas et al. That our study cohort of 19 patients is small, we emphasise that we tested 82 lymph nodes with OSNA and feel our results show a fair indication of the concordance of the assay with routine histology. It is also important to point out that initially more patients were recruited for the study but several specimens had to be excluded due to faecal contamination, sealed perforation or macroscopic canada goose outlet buffalo serosal (T4) disease all of which could arguably lead to false positive results by OSNA. The significance of our data is that to our knowledge this was the canada goose outlet in uk first time OSNA had been fairly compared with cheap canada goose jacket routine histology rather than intensive work up of multiple levels, immunohistochemistry (IHC) and conventional molecular methodologies. We agree that there is insufficient convincing evidence that intensive interrogation of lymph nodes to identify micrometastases or single tumour cells is of clinical benefit in terms of predicting survival or identifying those Stage I/II patients who will experience recurrence, nor is there good evidence that upstaging histologically node negative patients and exposing them to potentially harmful chemotherapy would improve their survival. There is certainly no such evidence for this to be carried out routinely via OSNA testing. canada goose black friday sale

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